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Antique Children's Riding Toys

This is a first-rate condition toys and games for a kids cordoned store, this old world styled ride on bike is asale. It provides a nice creaky old feel to it and is in excellent condition with only a few marks and handlers, it is 10"x8" and will provide a nice childrens space for play.

Vintage Riding Toy

This vintage Riding toy is fabricated in england and antiques quality, it is a practical addition to all children's collection. The toy is comfortable to hold and the horse is very lifelike, the Antique pines kids ride on car battery powered red italy rare is a sterling word to describe this Antique pines kids ride on car battery powered red italy. This product is a sterling addition to children's home and can be used for children's fun and excitement, the red ride on car with the pines italy trademark is in top-rated condition and features beautiful or design. The laptop battery is working and imparts never been in use, this product is a-c-h-e-x and is located in the center of the image. This is a sterling opportunity to have an Antique children's Riding toys and this toy is from the year 1890 and is only known to be old and rare, this Antique childrens Riding toy is form of cannon primitive. It is a good toy for the Children who desire to ride in the saddle, the toy extends a modern design with a small hole in the back where the rider's clothes go. The toy also presents a small hole in the top where the toy's weight is stored, this toy is a good alternative for the Children who wish to imagine themselves in the saddle and are inspired by the old days of Riding in the style of their favorite movies.