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Wooden Riding Toys

Looking for a vintage wooden airlane ride on? check out our wooden airplane ride on toy - local pickup! This top quality toy is perfect for children interested in history or toy culture. With several flavors including electric and coaster-style ride ons, this toy is sure to please!

Wooden Riding Toys Amazon

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Best Wooden Riding Toys

This wooden horse rowing toy is perfect for young children who want to learn how to ride a bike! The toy has a tough wooden body that is perfect for a thoroughbred, and can hold up in the sun and abuse. The toy also includes a strap that can be used to hold on to the horse during transport, or for stability in class. this antique wood wooden horse is hand carved from a compatible wood and is covered in dirt and age marks. It is a little large for a young child's foot to rest on the ground, but it can be ridden other than that way. The horse has a nice look and feel to it. This toy is a great deal at only $2. if you're looking for a wooden ride-on toy that will make your child excited for riding, look no further than the boom buggy ride-on bee. This toy is made of durable wooden material that is addiction is designed to make riding on the go a breeze. The animal wooden ride-on toy is large enough to provide enough support for a light included vehicle, a car, or a small child. If you're looking for an toy that will keep your child entertained, the boom buggy ride-on bee is the perfect choice. this wooden toy giraffe is from the 1960s and is a great value at $19. It is a short toy with a few hills and a catchallion pose. It is made from hardwood and mahogany wood. It is about 12 inches long and has a few wooden horses on it. It is covered in a number of depictions, including a bison, yak, and chicken. The toy is also covered in licorice and salt. It is a great toy for a young child to play with and as a reward for good behavior, you can add a few stars to your list!