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Playskool Giraffe Riding Toy

This vintage playskool giraffe riding toy is perfect for your child's entertainment. This toy is made of heavy metal and plastic it has a comfortable fit and is made to last. The toy is easy to clean and is sure to please your child.

Cheap Playskool Giraffe Riding Toy

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Playskool Giraffe Riding Toy Amazon

This playskool giraffe ride on wooden scooter toy is a great gift for the significance of 60s's culture. This toy is made of wooden material and is made of strong and durable. It is perfect for children who are interested in classic 60s culture. The toy also features a green and black color scheme that will match any 60s-themed home. This toy is sure to please anyone who is interested in classic 60s culture! this playskool giraffe riding toy is a great childhood experience. The toy is made of wooden with a big white string to pull on and a kangaroo print design. The toy is from the era of wooden pull-string toys, so it has the typical giraffe traits - big body, large ears, and a long tail. This playskool giraffe toy is a classic addition to any toy box. It's well- made with a healthy sense of humor, and is perfect for that special someone who loves to ride the donkeys and horses. When you put the toy in their mouth, the giraffe franchesca starts to giggle and step out of the way, but when you take her mouth, the giraffe just about jumping out of the way. But no, not even the big donkeys can get close to her! The giraffe is also great for stimulating require groups of children, or as an addition to a toy box for children with special needs. this playskool giraffe rider is perfect for kids who love to ride! It is a great toy for boys and girls of all ages, and is perfect for outdoor play or inside of a house with friends. The giraffe is- situated in a blue kids ride on toy proudly dates back to 2008. The toy has since been enlarged and is now one of our most popular items. The giraffe is a great toy for boys and girls of all ages, the play set also includes two other kids ride on toys, one a blue giraffe show and go set and the other a blue giraffe main show set.